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Oxygen Flasks According to Winkler

Soda-lime glass. For the determination of oxygen dissolved in water. The measured volume is indicated to a precision of 2 decimal places. White labelling area. Solid, obliquely cut standard-ground glass stopper, can be secured with a fastening clip. Each flask is calibrated with its own stopper; hence, stoppers and flasks are not interchangeable. Each flask and its stopper is marked with a unique matching identification number.
Oxygen Flasks According to Winkler  BRAND
Max. nominal volume
NSDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
150.0014 / 23Oxygen flask, Winkler25304038-54.54Order
300.0019 / 26Oxygen flask, Winkler25304048-61.78Order
Accessories for oxygen flasks according to Winkler / BRAND