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Deep-Well Plates and Sealing Mats

Deep-well plates:
The most important application for deep-well plates is sample storage. They are also an important component in numerous other applications, e. g. cultivation of microorganisms, extraction of nucleic acids and proteins, screening studies etc.
  • Free from DNA, RNases, and DNases.
  • High chemical resistance, e. g. against DMSO.
  • Temperature range - 80 to + 121 °C.
  • Acc. to ANSI / SLAS 1 and 4.
  • Stackable.
  • The 1.2 ml low profile model reduces the space requirements by approx. 30 %.
  • Deep-well plate 384 well is designed for a wide range of applications, such as High-Throughput Screening (HTS), tests requiring a mother plate, cell and tissue cultures, serial dilutions, reagent transfer and sample storage down - 80 °C etc.

Cover mats for deep-well plates:
Cover mats reduce the max. volume of wells. Adhesive sealing films can also be used.
Purity gradestandard
Deep-Well Plates and Sealing Mats  BRAND
TypeAnzahl WellsVolume / well
SterileBodenformPackungDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Deepwell plate96 well500.0028.50noU-form48 pcs.PP485407618-232.42Order
Deepwell plate96 well1100.0040.60noU-form24 pcs.PP245407614-113.35Order
Deepwell plate96 well1100.0041.00noU-form32 pcs.PS*325407619-116.37Order
Deepwell plate96 well1200.0026.50noU-form PP, Low Profile**505430095-188.30Order
Deepwell plate96 well1200.0041.40noU-form PP, elevated skirt325436641-151.09Order
Deepwell plate96 well2200.0044.00noU-form24 pcs.PP245407615+142.78Order
Deepwell plate384 well300.0030.20noV-form PP485407621-392.96Order
Mat cover384 well300.00 no  for 0.3 ml 384-well plates, silicone505407622-568.13Order
Mat cover96 well500.00 no  for 0.5 ml 96-well plates, PP505407620-350.46Order
Mat cover96 well1100.00 no  for 1.1 and 1,2 ml elevated skirt 96-well plates, mod. PE245407616-81.97Order
Mat cover96 well1200.00 no  for 1.2 ml 96-well plates, TPE, low profile505430096-269.30Order
Mat cover96 well2200.00 no  for 2.2 ml 96-well plates, EVA245407617-80.57Order
* Not autoclavable, usable down to - 20 °C.
** Not checked for absence of DNA, RNases, and DNases.
Microtitration plates and deep-well plates are also available with bar codes.