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seripettor® / seripettor® pro, Bottle-Top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispenser with a special design. A lifting spring provides automatic filling. When the piston seal is worn out, the entire dispensing unit can be exchanged rapidly by the user, without tools. Expensive repairs are eliminated.
  • Low-cost replaceable dispensing cartridge with wiping seal - one spare dispensing cartridge is included.
  • Semi-automatic dispensing - the spring loaded piston refills the cylinder after dispensing.
  • Volume setting - scalloped track allows quick and exact setting of desired volume.
  • Disassembles without tools - all parts can be replaced quickly without tools. The innovative design of seripettor® / seripettor® pro makes cleaning and maintenance easy.
  • Fits most bottles.

For dispensing alkaline, buffer and vitamin solutions, as well as culture media, e. g. agar nutrient medium, up to 60 °C.

seripettor® pro
Broader scope of application compared to the seripettor®; for dispensing of acids such as concentrated HCl, polar solvents such as acetone, UV-sensitive reagents.

Items supplied
seripettor® / seripettor® pro, discharge tubing, filling tube, spare dispensing cartridge and adapters, PP (GL 45 / 32 und GL 45 / S40).
seripettor® / seripettor® pro, Bottle-Top Dispenser  BRAND
A* ≤ ± %CV* ≤ %PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
0.2 to
1 to
2.5 to
0.2 to 2 pro0.041.20.215423585-291.06Order
1 to 10 pro0.21.20.215284852-291.06Order
2.5 to 25 pro0.51.20.215284853-379.51Order
* A = Accuracy. ** CV = Coefficient of variation.
Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). Error limits according to the nominal capacity (= maximum volume) indicated on the instrument, obtained with instrument and distilled water at equilibrium with ambient temperature at 20 °C, and with smooth, steady operation.