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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Heathrow Scientific 

Chain Rack
Heathrow Scientific

The Chain Rack has a unique linkable design that enables the possibility of multiple configurations to form different shaped tube racks. Each well has the flexibility to hold 5 ml tubes on one side or rotate it 180° to hold 15 ml or 15 to 17 mm tubes. You can mix and match the well sizes to create one rack that holds multiple sized tubes in a variety of fun and functional configurations. Chain Rack can be modified to be used in multiple applications including: in water or ice baths, in phlebotomy trays, in a Duraporter® specimen transport case or anywhere a tube rack is needed. Open design allows exposure to water and ice baths and helps reduce identification errors. You can create different shapes and rack sizes with up to 16 wells depending on the need: straight line, a circle, 2 x 8, 4 x 4, etc. Link together multiple Chain Rack packs to accommodate larger tube rack configuration requirements. Assorted colours for easy identification of tubes or testing: blue, green, yellow and natural. Not autoclavable.
Chain Rack  Heathrow Scientific
Chain Rack  Heathrow ScientificChain Rack  Heathrow Scientific    
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