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Star-Shaped Cutter M 23 and Grinding Chamber M 20.1

Star-shaped cutter used to crush fibrous substances, such as paper and vegetation, but also for plastics and material with a low specific weight. Made of st. steel (AISI 304) (not included with the M 20).

Grinding chamber:
A second grinding chamber ensures effective processing. The grinding chambers can be placed on the drive, alternately. One chamber is cleaned and filled while the other is being processed.
Grinding chamber not included with the M 20.
Star-Shaped Cutter M 23 and Grinding Chamber M 20.1  IKA
Star-Shaped Cutter M 23 and Grinding Chamber M 20.1  IKAStar-Shaped Cutter M 23 and Grinding Chamber M 20.1  IKA    
TypeMaterialPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
M 23 star-shaped cutterno indication15737831-213.84Order
M 20.1 grinding chamberno indication15737832-4,706.64Order