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Dispersing Elements for T 25 digital ULTRA-TURRAX®

Material specification:
N = PTFE bearing
KV = ball bearing with vacuum-tight sliding-ring seal with silicon carbide seal rings
NK = PTFE bearing with additional ball bearing without seal
G = coarse, M = medium, F = fine
Min. ultimate fineness emulsions1.00 [μm]
Dispersing Elements for T 25 digital ULTRA-TURRAX®  IKA
Min. working range
Max. working range
TypeØ Stator
Circumferential speed
Min. immersion depth
Min. ultimate fineness suspensions
Max. ultimate fineness suspensions
Max. ultimate fineness emulsions
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ULTRA-TURRAX T 256.101.0050.001 to 508.007.7027.0085.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 N - 8 G15571098-1,586.52Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 257.501.00100.001 to 10010.009.4022.0085.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 N - 10 G15571207-1,190.16Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2512.7010.001500.0010 to 150018.0015.9040.00165.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 N - 18 G15571119+1,190.16Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2517.0050.002000.0050 to 200025.0021.4040.00165.0015.0050.0010.00S 25 N - 25 G15571200-1,521.72Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2518.00100.002000.00100 to 200025.0022.6040.00165.005.0025.005.00S 25 N - 25 F15571201-1,607.04Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2512.7010.001500.0010 to 150018.0015.9040.00225.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 KV - 18 G15571117-2,112.48Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2517.0050.002000.0050 to 200025.0021.4040.00225.0015.0050.0010.00S 25 KV - 25 G15571198-2,223.72Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2512.7010.001500.0010 to 150018.0016.6040.00185.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 KD - 18 G15145387-1,546.56Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2517.0050.002000.0050 to 200025.0022.2040.00185.0015.0050.0010.00S 25 KD - 25 G15198035-1,761.48Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2520.0050.002000.0050 to 200025.0026.2040.00185.0015.0050.0010.00S 25 KD - 25 G ST15199420-1,918.08Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 256.101.0050.001 to 508.008.0027.0085.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 N - 8 G - ST15432921-1,607.04Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 257.501.0010.001 to 1010.009.8022.0085.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 N - 10 G - ST15432922-1,249.56Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2513.4010.001500.0010 to 150018.0017.5040.00165.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 N - 18 G - ST15432923-1,256.04Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2520.0050.002000.0050 to 200025.0026.2040.00165.0015.0050.0010.00S 25 N - 25 G - ST15432924-1,607.04Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2513.4010.001500.0010 to 150018.0017.5040.00185.0010.0050.0010.00S 25 KD - 18 G ST15447807-1,607.04Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2518.00100.002000.00100 to 200025.0023.6040.00185.005.0025.005.00S 25 KD - 25 F15447809-1,963.44Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 2518.00100.002000.00100 to 200025.0023.6040.00225.005.0025.005.00S 25 KV - 25 F19571199-2,334.96Order