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Accessories for Stirrer Eurostar 40 digital / 60 digital / RW 20 digital

Accessories for Stirrer Eurostar 40 digital / 60 digital / RW 20 digital  IKA
Accessories for Stirrer Eurostar 40 digital / 60 digital / RW 20 digital  IKAAccessories for Stirrer Eurostar 40 digital / 60 digital / RW 20 digital  IKA    
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
R 1825 plate stand200 x 316 mm, rod-Ø 16 mm, height 560 mm15224031+340.20Order
R 1826 plate stand200 x 316 mm, rod-Ø 16 mm, height 800 mm15224032+374.76Order
R 1827 plate stand200 x 316 mm, rod-Ø 16 mm, height 1000 mm15224033-399.60Order
R 2723 telescopic stand460 x 420 mm, rod-Ø 34 mm, height 620 to 1010 mm, stroke 390 mm15224028-1,514.16Order
R 2722 H-stand460 x 420 mm, rod-Ø 34 mm, height 1010 mm15224026-816.48Order
R 182 bosshead clampfor rod-Ø 6 to 16 mm, alu cast15224292+106.92Order
R 271 bosshead clampfor rod-Ø 34 mm15224266+226.80Order
RH 3 strap clampclamping range 40 to 300 mm, for stand Ø 8 to 16 mm15224761+346.68Order
RH 5 strap clampclamping range 40 to 300 mm, for stand Ø 25 to 36 mm15224762-427.68Order
R 1300 dissolver stirrerlength 350 mm, shaft-Ø 8 mm, stirrer-Ø 80 mm, st. steel15197001-316.44Order
R 1330 anchor stirrerlength 350 mm, shaft-Ø 8 mm, stirrer-Ø 45 mm, st. steel15197033-453.60Order
R 1331 anchor stirrerlength 350 mm, shaft-Ø 8 mm, stirrer-Ø 90 mm15197034-548.64Order
R 1312 turbine stirrerlength 350 mm, shaft-Ø 8 mm, stirrer-Ø 50 mm15197031-306.72Order
R 1342 propeller stirrer4-bladed, length 350 mm, shaft-Ø 8 mm, stirrer-Ø 50 mm, st. steel15197006+177.12Order
R 1345 propeller stirrer4-bladed, length 540 mm, shaft-Ø 8 mm, stirrer-Ø 100 mm15197009+218.16Order
R 1352 centrifugal stirrerlength 350 mm, shaft-Ø 8 mm, stirrer-Ø 60 / 15 mm, st. steel15197011-199.80Order
R 1375 blade stirrerlength 550 mm, shaft-Ø 8 mm, stirrer-Ø 70 mm15197019+213.84Order
R 60 keyless chuck-15432897-95.04Order
Further stirrers are available on request.